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Engineer Reports


Buying a used car? You need to be certain it is everything the seller says it is.

We offer a range of inspections to cater for the differing needs of the modern electronically controlled cars versus the traditional mechanical configurations. All our inspections provide a verbal and written report, with the opportunity to discuss any areas of concern before and after the inspection. Access to our used car warranty programme is also available.

1. BASIC - on/offsite, mechanical, chassis and basic electrical check only includes a roadtest. Meets RAC check.

2. BASIC PLUS - as above but includes the addition of checking the body and paintwork. Exceeds RAC check.

3. STANDARD - Carried out at our Premises only. Detailed mechanical, electrical, chassis, body, paint work and roadtest with Calibrated test of emissions and brake performance. Generally considered a minimum for any Ferrari tipo.

4. COMPREHENSIVE - Extends our Standard test, checking the main ECU, all fluid condition, geometry and chassis alignment. Optional compression test. Suggested for most Ferrari, but essential for cars less than 10 years old. After the examination, provides access to our warranty programme for used cars. Provides an estimate for corrective works.

5. PREMIUM - The ultimate examination, all ECU's tested, Compression test, detailed investigation of faults for precise costing of remedial works. All systems undergo extended testing and rigorous examination. 2 days work. Essential for complex modern tipo, a small but wise investment to make in light of the costs to rectify faults or repair damage.

In addition, you can ENHANCE any of these reports to provide a full paperwork check, HPI, Mileage Register and personal verification of history. There is no better peace of mind when selecting a car, than to have experienced professionals precheck your choice.

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